Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Good news SBI

I have thought about SBI more these last two days than ever in life. Its a subtle shift, but once you're past the line, you look back and you wonder how you lived differently.

I am now a changed person.  Be afraid.


Having said that, the ceaseless upholding of due process makes me VERY happy. Good on you Indian Supreme Court, you're a hero today.

Note that the SBI thinking was not _only_ due to CRR spats; in the midst of scam-mania, I noticed that a certain televison channel runs a 'Good News' segment, which, let me hasten to add, is not about babies being created, but a daily snapshot of positive news.

How oddly fascinating is the world these days.

Lastly, I found out that I've been a greater fool all along (Ego alert beep beep Ego alert). Its just that no-one told me so.

Monday, August 20, 2012

A week in my own

Everyone says to me: "But you're _from_ here! How can there be a culture shock? You're _from_ _here_!"

And then I sigh wearily (verily, I sigh) and try to change the issue. To a select few (two) I moan in deep detail about how I miss pavements (sidewalks) and queues. I miss buying cheap alcohol. I miss daily cupcake routines. I miss the folks, oh, I miss them so much. +44 calls make me _so_ happy. I miss the email chains that begin on a bored Monday morning - about Sanskrit poems, about Rumi, about burritos for lunch from the van, or Ram Guha's speech at LSE, or the chammak challo trainee's very short skirt. 

I said in my leaving email that I was sad to be leaving, but it was not nearly the truth. What I should have said, is that 2010 to 2012 made me a whole happy person. A very nice cheery mildly crazy happy person.  I really liked who I had become (whom?) and for the first time in a long time, I was so comfortable and happy that I didn't want to leave, as such.

Coming to Delhi is a forceful acknowledgment of Ubuntu-ness. It is a lot less about the I and a lot more about the we. In the sense that India can be a we. It has now been eight days and while I am not struggling, uncomfortable, or unhappy, I am thoughtful more than I was. Crazy less than I was.

I guess I used up all of the craziness in deciding to make the move.
I asked for an adventure, an intellectual powerhouse of an office, and a stable relationship time, and GODAMMIT I think I have it all.