Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Under 25


X event offers concessionary £14 tickets to under 25's. This is of course excellent news. However, though I am 24 now - at the time of booking, when the event itself occurs, I shall be 25.



There _has_ to be definitive case law, I am SURE of this.


S. said...

The offer and acceptance are complete when you're within age :) They never mentioned that satisfaction of all contractual obligations has to take place before youre 25.

Divya said...

I did look into this when birthdays were approaching! One theatre company checked age only at the time of performance, so you had to be under under 25 at the time of the event.

However, the case of infants who become children during travel, you can still pay infant rate, but you have to book a seat.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who was troubled by this question. (Not that I've answered it.)

Bando said...

The T&Cs of the ticket (which should be available to you prior to making the booking) ought to state what the relevant date is - usually the date of the performance (sorry!), since that reduces the number of people who can seek the concession.

If they dont specify this (or, say, its only on the back of the physical ticket and has not been notified to you prior to booking), you're good to go... Given that its ambiguous, you can always argue contra proferentum! ;)

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