Tuesday, September 20, 2011

These are the best of times.

So much of my reactions are not truly mine, so many are studied, affected, provoked, and imitations. Templates-like. Gleaned, hoarded, displayed.

Do you ever feel that way? Do you ever wake up and ask yourself, if you are able to _retain_ any information, or if all you do is feed in, feed out? If all you do, is like, share, comment, scan, summarise, and forget. Knowing that the archive exists, do you sleep easy? Do you dream original thought anymore? Do you?

Think about it, when was the last time you had an _original_ thought? Really, think about it.  


Everyday, as I struggle to read my newspaper, I find it harder and harder to quell a growing sense of satisfaction (yes, you read that right) with the world. Does it suddenly seem like _so_ much is happening? That people are _doing_ things, taking decisions, making policy, effecting change. Right?
Or is it just me?

Doesn't matter either way, I feel wildly optimistic and excited about the future, as nervous and gleeful as going to watch a Chris Nolan movie (see, intelligent movie references and all). There is so much, SO much changing around the world today.

We are to have seven billion humans on the planet soon, new market standards for uncertainty are being set, the eurozone is stumbling (and boy, what a Jessup compromis they'll have to draft this year !!), Palestine is to address the U.N. as too Netanyahu, and the U.S. will hopefully use the veto (they'll be writing articles about this for years to come now), lending subtle effect to international law theories on its use and misuse, and oh oh oh on hegemony (gotta love the word) . More and more commenters call for an orderly exit for Greece, and the crumble of the free-market capitalist model  (in parts, atleast) has been nothing but exhilarating in a think really really hard kind of way. Its all very cusp-like, very edge of the world, peering across to new horizons like.

It feels like the times-they- are-a-changing. Can't you feel it too?


Anonymous said...

The Jessup compromis this year is a thing of beauty. :)

NLS, as always, hasn't constituted its Jessup team yet. So it goes. :)

Sowmya Rao said...

Just read it, you're right, it is wonderful. Still, use of force and sovereign immunity? Has such strong overtones to our 50th year Jessup problem. No?

I was hoping for something... different, more along the lines of the 48th year problem. Rotian Union mirroring the EU, financial questions, expropriation, etc.

Anonymous said...

I was quite clueless about IL and Jessup during the 50th, so all I have is vague recollections of orals practice with Niranjan and Shan, something about radio waves and judicial review of SC Resolutions. :)

Our 51st (Windscale Islands) was quite something as well - self-determination based on Falklands and Gibraltar, expropriation (of course!), sovereignty stretching back to 1775, and a tidal wave of the Law of the Sea!

Sigh. Nostalgia.

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